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About the Brower Student Center

About Clayton R. Brower

Clayton R. Brower

The Brower Student Center was opened in 1976 has been the hub of campus life at The College of New Jersey for over 40 years. The building has hosted countless student, college, and community events, including the Special Olympics of New Jersey. The Brower Student Center was named after former president Clayton R. Brower, who served as president from 1971 – 1979 when TCNJ was known as Trenton State College. During his tenure, Clayton Brower was a voracious advocate for students and was beloved by the campus community and students. For his legacy and service to the college, the student center was affectionately named in his honor.


Mission Statement

The Brower Student Center meets the social needs of the TCNJ community and its’ guests by maintaining a safe, clean, welcoming environment, providing attentive customer service, event planning assistance & management, as well as communicating information about the TCNJ campus.

Core Values


We are proud of the work we do in the Brower Student Center and are invested in providing a high quality experience to everyone who walks through our doors.  We want people to have positive experiences and therefore do everything in our power to create a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for others.


We foster a connected, inclusive and diverse community within the Brower Student Center. We support students, staff and faculty by encouraging engagement with one another and utilization of campus resources.


We lead and empower others to accomplish objectives and goals. By being a role model, we strive to educate our staff and TCNJ Community on the positive ways in which one can make a difference.


We are a laboratory for education outside of the classroom. As employees, we gain new knowledge, abilities, and attitudes that will help in our life-long careers.  We support co-curricular learning that occurs through the events we host and the interactions that occur among TCNJ community members in our facility.


We represent the TCNJ community by upholding ethics and integrity in the work that we do. We understand the role that we play in emulating professionalism and the importance it plays within the campus community.


We display pride and ownership of the operation and function of our spaces through our actions. We go above and beyond in fulfilling our daily job responsibilities.


We strive to achieve exceptional customer service in all situations.  We consider how our work benefits others and approach our positions as a means of helping others to achieve their goals.


We rely on one another to accomplish the daily goals and objectives of the Brower Student Center. We understand the importance of supporting and encouraging one another in our endeavors.