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Room 222

Room 222 is located on the second floor of the Brower Student Center in an alcove of meeting and event rooms. The 806 square foot space can accommodate small meetings and events. The standard furniture consists of cushioned rolling chairs and 5ft rectangular tables that can be easily arranged in a variety of standard and custom set-ups. Any remaining furniture is stored neatly in the back or side of the room which allows for quick adjustments.

The room is equipped with standard audiovisual equipment to allow for projection through HDMI and has dimmable recessed lighting to control the ambiance of the space. There is a dry erase board in the front of the room with markers available at the Information Desk.

The back wall of the room has floor to ceiling windows which allows for great natural lighting and a glass door that leads out into a shared balcony with neighboring Room 224. Even with floor to ceiling windows, there is a level a privacy offered by the balcony and only a door window visible to the interior of the building. The balcony is occasionally used to supplement events in the room such as a cocktail reception.

Standard Set Up Information

Style Maximum Capacity*
Lecture 48
Banquet Squares 32
U-Shape 24
Hollow Square 28
Classroom Style 30
Conference Table 18

*Excludes head/presenter’s table and chairs if applicable

Lecture Style

BSC 222 Lecture Diagram

BSC 222 Lecture Back

BSC 222 Lecture Front Diagonal

BSC 222 Lecture Front

Banquet Squares

BSC 222 Banquet Squares Diagram

BSC 222 Banquet Squares Front
BSC 222 Banquet Squares Back Diagonal
BSC 222 Banquet Squares Front Diagonal


BSC 222 U-Shape

BSC 222 U-Shape Front Diagonal
BSC 222 U-Shape Back Diagonal
BSC 222 U-Shape Front

Hollow Square

BSC 222 Hollow Square

BSC 222 Hollow Square Front Diagonal

BSC 222 Hollow Square Back Diagonal

BSC 222 Hollow Square Front Diagonal

Classroom Style

BSC 222 Classroom Style Diagram

BSC 222 Classroom Style Back

BSC 222 Classroom Style Back Diagonal

BSC 222 Classroom Style Front Diagonal

Conference Style

While there are chairs at the end of the tables in the diagram and photos to show the capability, it is recommended chairs be only on the sides of tables for the maximum comfort of guests.

BSC 222 Conference Style Diagram

BSC 222 Conference Style Back

BSC 222 Conference Style Front Diagonal

BSC Conference Style Front Diagonal Door