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Vendor Tables

The Brower Student Center has several Vendor Table locations within the Dining Atrium, an area with high foot traffic in the building. These are perfect for groups seeking to have an information table, registration or sign-ups, fundraisers, or giveaways in building. Vendor Tables can be reserved just like any other room in the student center. Vendor Tables have designated locations and consist of one 6ft rectangular table and two chairs for groups.

Vendor Table Locations 


Vendor Tables 1 and 2 – Alongside the grand staircase with foot traffic leading from the Social Sciences and Packer entrances to the Dining Atrium

Vendor Tables 3 and 4 – Across from Vendor Tables 1 and 2, alongside the ramp across at the start of dining seating

Vendor Table 5 – At the top of the stairwell leading down to the Lion’s Den with foot traffic from the AIMM Entrance



President Foster and VP Sean Stallings at Ask the VP
Self-Care and Succulents Vendor Table Program