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Student Event Planning Checklist

The following is a basic checklist for event preparation when planning a large scale event on campus. It is not all inclusive and should be used as a guide. Please contact the Brower Student Center at or by calling 609-771-2331.

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Select Date(s), but before final decision:

  • Check availability of speakers/performers if applicable.
  • Clear the date with important event participants (executive board members, general members, alumni, etc.).
  • Consider timing of academic breaks, holidays, & possible weather conditions.
  • Consider other campus-wide events that may taking place (Admissions Open Houses, CUB Concerts/Shows, etc.)
  • Create alternative plans (i.e. rain date for outside events, snow date) as necessary.


Book the Space

  • Log into Book-It! @ TCNJ –
  • Determine if your event/date is a Tier 1 (simple event), 2 (complex event), or 3 (major event) request and reserve accordingly.
    • Have more than one date and location as a backup plan.
  • Provide as much detail as possible when answering required questions in Book It.
    • If necessary, add any additional important information in the “General Notes” section.
  • Wait for a confirmation e-mail from the Brower Student Center.
    • A request on book it does not equal a confirmation.


  • Determine early on in the event planning process how your organization intends to pay for the event if any costs are associated.
  • If necessary, apply for SFB funding. You will need to present at least two weeks before your event –


Attend an Event Planning Meeting

  • Attend an event planning meeting with Kiley McCulloch, the Assistant Manager for Student Event Planning and/or the following staff based on event location:
    • Kendall Hall Main Stage or Black Box Theater – Dale Simon
    • Mayo Concert Hall – Mark Kalinowski
    • Kendall Hall Main Stage, Black Box Theater, & Mayo Concert Hall House Management & Ticketing – Susan O’Connor
    • Library Auditorium – Paula Rainey
    • Athletic Facilities/Spaces – Aaron Becker or Kevin Tylus
  • An event planning meeting may not be necessary for smaller scale events. Brower Student Center Staff will determine that at the time of booking.


Campus Service Providers – Depending on the location, time, and complexity of your organization’s event, you may need additional campus resources and personnel. Some of these require an added cost. All of these will be determined in your event planning meeting.

  • Campus Police
  • Building Services (cleaning)
  • Facilities (trash cans, electrical needs, plumbing, carpentry, grounds)
  • Operational Services (drop off/setup/breakdown of equipment)
  • Additional BSC Staff
  • Kendall and Mayo Staff


 Third Party Vendors

  • When planning an event that involves any third party vendor (including rentals, performers, bands, DJ, speakers, etc.), you must communicate that in your event planning meeting and meet with your organization advisor and/or the Office of Student Activities.
  • A contract is required from the third party vendor and/or a TCNJ contract. This also includes any service that is free of charge.
    • Your advisor or a staff member in Student Activities will review, edit, and sign the contract on your organizations behalf.
    • A student representative should never sign a contract.
    • TCNJ Contract for Student Organizations –


  • Confirm set up requirements for speakers (microphone, podium, stool, etc.).
  • Confirm if bands or DJs will bring their own sound equipment or require your organization to provide sound equipment for them to use in the event space.
    • For smaller productions, your organization can rent a sound system through the Student Finance Board. You will also need to hire a sound technician to run the rented equipment.
    • For larger productions, your organization may need to hire a sound production company that will require a contract.


  • If using Sodexo, order catering via
    • Any orders placed with less than a 7 day notice are subject to 25% late fee.
    • Need an account? Contact the Brower Student Center.
  • If using an off campus caterer, place the order, decide if it will be delivered or picked up, as well as, deliver or pick up times.


  • If parking is needed, request parking in initial Book-It request.
  • Print necessary number of parking passes needed after receiving it from the Brower Student Center.
  • If you have any special parking requests, please communicate that with the Brower Student Center.